Peter Martin

Pick an Age

I first saw Puzzle play in 2007, at their first gig in Korova. I remember the day really clearly as I called in sick to work then saw somebody I work with on the way to the gig.

I’d taken photographs in Korova a lot but the photos from this evening felt different, they were a bit softer, the colours had a lot more pinks and blues and the images that came out of it felt like the had a direct relationship to the music being played.


A lot has changed since then. Korova has gone, Puzzle stopped playing, I moved to Sheffield, but also Graham Jones (from Voo) set up Defend Vinyl, a great record shop and now record label based on Smithdown Road.

Graham’s doing great stuff in putting out unreleased recordings from Liverpool bands. When I heard he was putting the Puzzle record out I knew I wanted to do a video. As Edith said in Grey Gardens, it’s hard to draw a line between the past and the present, but this video is me trying.